How to find the best strong beer?

Best Strong Beer in India

India has a long and quite established legacy of strong beer. For sure, in today’s time, the market might be getting a little crowded with all the IPAs and crafts popping up, but back in the old time people drank a couple of nuclear brews and got up to no good.

It’s a very known fact that things start in a very simple manner in the world of beer. There are quite really only two categories of beer: lagers and ales. The rest is just details or the style of beer that fall under these two main categories. The distinction between lagers and ales comes down to the type of yeast used and the temperatures locally brewed.

Ales are made from yeasts that float at the very top of the tank and prefer an environment of warm fermentation. Lagers are usually made using different yeasts that very much tend to settle to the bottom of the tank during the process of fermentation and prefer colder temperatures.


If you have been drinking the monotonous mass-marketed lager beer produced by major breweries

for a long time and if you are looking for the best strong beer you should try out our premium craft beer Dorik.

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Dorik beers are made by the local and authentic brewery of Assam where brewers work very hard to create unique, rich, and flavourful that the macro brewers can hardly ever achieve in their large breweries. So if you are all set to find the best strong beer in India go for Dorik. Here are 3 good reasons why you should drink Dorik.

  1. Better Taste

As a craft beer, Dorik has quite a distinct and richer taste than watery mass-produced lager beer. We as Dorik’s brewers are very much passionate about the taste and flavor of our beer. So therefore we invest the energy and time required to improve and maintain the exotic quality of the beer so you get the best strong beer in India.

  1. Greater Variety

Dorik beer gives you more choices than the common larger beers sold by major brewers. We as a craft brewery in Assam are striving for the best to create a unique and eccentric blend of ingredients to give you the best strong beer in India that you can talk about or cultivate.

  1. Supporting the Local Economy

We at dorik strongly believe that Drinking locally made craft beer helps you to support the economy of the community thoroughly. In the process of producing Dorik we help the local farmers and create more employment opportunities in the locality where our brewery is located.

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